About Us

We offer complete design projects as well as design projects of the interiors. Our goal is to meet client demand and to manage the designed space in the best possible way in order to profit fully from all opportunities provided by the designed space.

Our experience allows the project designs to satisfy individual expectations in the fields of esthetics and functionality. Composition of space highlights beauty, proportion of shapes and forms and needs to adjust to its User’s requirements and influence its User positively. What provides this is harmony and equilibrium between the adopted modern techniques, material and technology. We provide professional technical consulting service as well as engineering supervision as guarantee of efficient and solid performance.


  • private and commercial interior design
  • projectschanging the purpose of interiors of apartments, attics and shops
  • unique furniture and interiror equipment design
  • photorealistic visualisation and animation
  • technical consulting
  • agreements with relevant industry representatives (water and sewage utilities, eletricity, ventilation and air-conditioning, etc.)
  • agreements with assessors (Sanitation and Epidemiology, Safety and Hygene , Fire Safety Regulations)
  • investor and engineering supervision

Project documentation is based on the following stages:

  • introductory meeting – general project outline
  • interior inventory – detailed measurements depending on the project requirements consisting of the installation inventory as well as photographic documentation
  • optimalisation of the functionality concept
  • final project based on prior acceptation of the design concept –choice of colours, materials, equipment and accessories (2D and 3D visualisation)
  • project supervision

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